Business Process Mapping


Wondering if there is a viable way to if a process is successful or not? Yes, there is. Through process mapping, one can determine the function of a business entity, responsible authorities, the standard of a business process, and ultimately how the success of a business process can be determined.

What is Business Process Mapping?

Process mapping is a way by which collection of activities in a process that transforms one or more inputs into one or more outputs are put together. This business process mapping definition provides a minimalist view of what a process map does.
A process map gives us a way of visualizing what a business does by taking into account roles, responsibilities and standards. TansTech understands if business processes are properly defined, designed and managed, they become an enabler of change & agility. This is essential to prevent your system from becoming bureaucratic and constraint.

What is the importance of Business Process Mapping?

There can be many benefits of business process mapping if it’s done properly. It’s a total value for money as the return of investment is significant. Let us understand how TansTech process maps help your business reach on top:

  • Visibility and transparency of business processes.

Our process mapping report is a great tool to analyze bottlenecks within your system. This will help you make major improvements and changes real fast.

  • Shows ownership and ultimate responsibility.

Figuring out who is really responsible and accountable for a process is very difficult in large organizations. But, with the process maps this can be easily traced.

  • Process maps that can be re-used or re-purposed.

We have process map tools that are built-in keeping in mind that the process maps don’t become useless once some changes are in the business process management. Our process maps designed for 100% accuracy and maximum efficiency.

  • Process maps as a valuable and trust-worthy source of information.

Process maps serve as a valuable asset at the time of internal/external audits. They ensure that you meet the regulatory standards of ISO, FCA and SOX.

  • Risk Analysis of the business processes.

These maps do complete research analysis of the processes. So, once the risks are identified, they are eradicated faster.

Why choose TansTech?

The TansTech Assurance for Business Process Mapping:

  • We align your organization’s vision, strategies and business objectives.
  • We map keeping in mind your business process architecture model.
  • We integrate your business processes end to end for better outcomes.
  • We define all the critical process attributes for process mining and analysis.
  • We make sure to enable measuring your process performance.
  • Our map is backed with “Risk Management System”.
  • We define right roles and responsibilities for all the processes.
  • Our modeling approach is to apply “Ease to Read and Update” tendency.
  • We map keeping in mind your ‘AS IS’ requirements to fulfil your ‘TO BE’ Business requirements.

We, at TansTech ensure to create, accumulate, and deliver business values through processes. TansTech approach for Mapping Business Processes as Business Process Modelling involves industry best practices as well as TansTechcopyrighted 24 critical parameters before qualifying it as a business process mapping.

If you need have any queries, feel free to contact us. We are here to guide you through the various steps of business process management without trouble-free