IT Improvement

IT Performance Assessment

For many IT organizations it is unclear what specific benefits they provide to users. How do the results of IT become visible both inside and outside the IT organization? Based on data already available to the organization, TansTech analyzes the performance of the IT function. The IT Performance Assessment demonstrates the organization’s efficiency and maturity, and reveals what possibilities exist for the organization to better serve users. This assessment consists of both numerical and qualitative aspects. The result of the assessment will be a report that specifically describes the recommended improvements, so that they are directly applicable.


Improvement of IT Performance

How well does an IT organization perform? And are there areas in need of improvement? And are those improvements attainable? TansTech has a unique way to assess the performance of an IT organization, based on the IT Value Drivers. These drivers consist of a set of KPIs within IT organizations that are universally applicable. By identifying the IT Value Drivers, TansTech realizes, together with the client, demonstrable and substantial improvements of the IT organization’s performance. Developed by TansTech, the Biweekly Cycle is an improvement cycle that allows for quick and targeted improvements. The assurance of the results is getting a lot of attention!

Based on the Balanced Score Card, TansTech has developed performance-based approach to Demand Supply Management. Based upon firm KPI guarantees and contracts, TansTech will help make the Demand Supply Organization work successfully, resulting in better financial control, timely delivery of agreed upon services and improved customer satisfaction.