Implement IT Governance

The task of implementing a DSG organization should not be underestimated. The focus on results, or output-based governance, requires new tools and different skill sets.

Using its targeted approach and working alongside its customers’ employees, TansTech helps create a lasting and more efficient DSG organization. TansTech assumes the contractual obligations in this respect.

Our approach consists of three phases:

  • Implementation
    upgrading processes, organization and management based on best practices
  • Operation
    ensuring together with your employees that processes and organization are actually implemented as part of the daily routine
  • Integration
    transferring knowledge and staff support to the next level in terms of the maturity of governance task implementation

In doing so, we focus on the Three Ps:

  • Performance
    focusing on overall organizational objectives based on a clear KPI dashboard
  • People
    working on attitudes and conduct of all staff involved in providing services throughout the entire supply chain – DSG organization, customers and suppliers
  • Processes
    establishing frameworks, embedding processes and adjusting tooling for optimal provision of services