Co-Sourcing of the IT Governance Organization

Many organizations aim to implement their DSG organization using a co-sourcing model. By doing so, the goal is to hand back control of the outsourced supply’s professional DSG organization by a pre-defined date. This entails the organization being fully staffed with in-house employees who are fully equipped to carry out tasks on their own and at the required level.

Co-sourcing has several benefits:

  • Direct implementation ensures discernible results within a short space of time thanks to TansTech’s proven track record in this field and its pool of extremely experienced professionals
  • Practical implementation ensures that the required charges are actually carried out instead of merely a policy-based implementation addressing plans and models

TansTech has a special team who set up the organization and actually fill key positions themselves during the design and implementation phase. They are also responsible for selecting, coaching and training the internally recruited employees who will ultimately participate in the supply governance process. In short, TansTech shares responsibility for implementation and day-to-day DSG operations and then hands over a mature DSG organization at the end of the project.

Co-sourcing often works as follows:

  • The DSG organization is outsourced to TansTech for the duration of the project.
  • Several key roles within the DSG organization’s basic formation are filled by TansTech team members. Remaining positions are largely filled by employees selected in part by TansTech from within the organization.
  • During the implementation phase, TansTech takes responsibility for professionalizing the organization and supporting, coaching and training the organization’s employees.
  • The DSG organization is put into actual operation by tackling and realizing several pre-determined projects. The selected employees thereby work alongside TansTech team members sharing responsibility for certain relevant projects. Employee participation in projects actively contributes towards knowledge transfer and ownership of the DSG organization’s structure and operation.
  • On project completion, these employees are then definitively assigned their operational roles within the DSG organization thus established. This approach ensures that the DSG organization is implemented and put into operation as effectively as possible. Once operations have been fully professionalized, responsibility for continued implementation and the basis formation are gradually handed back to the customer.
  • Co-sourcing ensures that no glitches are encountered when handing back responsibility for DSG implementation, i.e. employees, processes, procedures, templates, contract administration, current projects, operational service changes, etc., as these have already been incorporated into daily operations by internal employees, i.e. business as usual!

An important aspect of co-sourcing is the recruitment, selection, training and support of in-house employees. A separate side-project will be initiated for this purpose together with your HR department.