Third Party IT Maintenance

TansTech is a trusted resource for Third Party IT Services which involves

  • Third Party Maintainace And Support
  • Project Based Field Services
  • Asset Disposition And Remarketing

Third Party Maintainace And Support

TansTech is a comprehensive global IT solution provider that focuses on quality and value in the data center. Our core business is third party IT maintenance and support, designed to either entirely replace or seamlessly blend with OEM maintenance plans. Switching to TansTech saves our customers an average of 40-70% on IT maintenance costs; and with data center maintenance comprising 70% of the average IT budgets, that’s a huge amount of money. But the value doesn’t stop there. The level of service we’re able to provide our customers cannot be touched by the OEM.

What Makes Our IT Maintenance Services Better than OEM’s Service Plans:

  • We value relationships, and know every one of our customers by name—you’re more than just an account to us.
  • We have offices and secure stocking depots positioned across the world.
  • We spare all parts ourselves and them locally to you, wherever you are.
  • Our service levels are 100% customizable—no cookie-cutter contracts or pricing plans
  • We offer same-day responses on all quotes.
  • Fast engineering response.
  • We offer discounts for multi-year maintenance contracts.
  • Our engineers are experienced with end-of-life products.
  • There are no price increases for the life of your equipment.

IT Support Services

Data Center Protection Anywhere in the World

TansTech maintains data centers and staffs onsite engineers all over the world. Our global IT support services include offices in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Czech Republic. All of our customers enjoy parts sparing onsite (when needed) or at a local secure stocking depot. This means that no matter where you are in the world, TansTech can have your data center issues mitigated within four hours.

TansTechis uniquely positioned as one of the only multi-vendor IT hardware and support suppliers with global reach. Our global IT support services will support everything from obsolete machines and EOL equipment to the latest and greatest models just released by the OEM. And while many major IT companies outside of the United States sub-contract their services business, TansTech takes care of everything ourselves.

We are also one of the only global maintenance providers that features a comprehensive array of OEM alternative IT solutions, including deeply discounted hardware. The tides are turning in many countries as IT professionals everywhere learn the value of buying outside the traditional IT channels, and TansTech is ahead of the curve.

Our Strategy

Efficient and Customer-Focused

We approach each new prospective customer as an individual company with unique needs. That is why our process involves contract negotiation and SLA fulfillment procedures that are consultative and communication-focused.

  • Consultation: We start with the initial consultation, where we determine your desires and needs and evaluate your environment and budget. From there we develop a personalized plan that is geared toward providing you with the most possible value.
  • Onsite Audit: We’ll conduct a complimentary data center to determine the current state of your equipment and provide you with a list of recommended resolutions to any issue we discover.
  • Contract : Our contracts are unique to each customer, and they’re simple. Your contract will be easy to understand and include everything discussed during consultation—one contract covers all of your support through TansTech.
  • Parts Sparing: Once a contract is signed, we’ll start sparing parts for your data centers at local secure stocking depotsor onsite if preferred.
  • Customer Portal Training: We’ll help you get up and running with our robust customer portal. We’ll teach you how to log trouble tickets online an manage all of your assets.
  • SLA Delivery: The moment you log a trouble ticket, your issue becomes our priority.

Personalized IT Maintenance Consultations

At TansTech, we understand that no data center is the same. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter, preset service packages; we customize each client’s service agreements to meet its specific needs and budget—and everything is clearly laid out on one simple contract. In to achieve this level of personalization, we conduct individualized consultations with all potential clients.

Personalized IT maintenance consultations from TansTechare designed to:

  • Diagnose the state of your data center and make recommendations across manufacturers.
  • Recommend solutions that fit your specific needs. We don’t push unnecessary products and services.
  • Examine your entire data center. Early analysis and audits of your data center will help prevent issues before they happen and extend the life of your equipment, ultimately decreasing your total cost of ownership.

Onsite Data Center Audit and – A Physical for Your Data Center

As part of our consultation process, TansTech provides a comprehensive review of the state of your data center. Our onsite audit and analysis includes:

  • Identification of any OEM support expiration dates
  • A detailed analysis of your current hardware’s functionality
  • A report of any warning lights or error codes found
  • Recommended fixes and upgrades

The TansTech identifies, diagnoses, and isolates potential issues in to help you increase the lifespan of your IT equipment. Our certified engineers use state-of-the- tools to test and enhance the functionality of your network across all vendors, regardless of the age of the equipment.

Trouble Ticket Process

We have a proven and efficient system in place for handling your support requests from start to resolution. You can view an illustrated workflow that describes the process in detail below.

OurService Level Agreements

SLAs Customized for Your Needs

TansTech offers a variety of Service Level Agreement options that allow you to choose a solution that fits your business’ needs and budget.

There are no penalties for adding or deleting equipment on your contract, so you can adjust your SLA penalty-free anytime. Our 24 x 7 x 365 phone support is standard across all SLAs, and we assign a certified to all support tickets within thirty minutes of submission.

We can also create a custom SLA to reflect your unique maintenance needs. For instance, four-hour response time means we are on site with the part in hand, and NBD means parts are guaranteed to arrive before noon on the following business day.

The TansTech customer portal hosts all your contract information (SLA, nicknames, S/N, etc.) and allows you to submit trouble tickets online. Our team monitors the trouble ticket system around the clock and will ensure a quick resolution to your issue.

Choosing the Right SLA (IT Service Level Agreement)


Every data center is different. That’s why CentricsIT offers flexible IT service level agreement options. Our support packages can accommodate any amount of data center support you require.

When choosing an SLA, think about the machines you are looking to place under support. Are they mission-critical? Is it legacy equipment or the latest and greatest? Is a failover design in place? The answers to these types of questions will determine how quickly you will need a spare when a part goes bad and whether or not you will need an onsite. You’ll also want to consider your budget. For instance, 4-hour response is more expensive than NBD response; and if you have technical resources in , you can save money with an SLA that does not require an onsite .

Regardless of your needs and current resources, CentricsIT will consult with you and suggest the best plan. We can even create a custom plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll work within your budget and timeframe to craft the most effective SLA possible. Our 24 x 7 x 365 phone support is standard across all SLAs, and below you will see some common SLA breakdowns. But these don’t even begin to encompass the level of SLA customization CentricsIT offers. You can pick and choose from the SLAs below or create one all your own. With CentricsIT, you are in control of how your maintenance dollars are allocated.

OEM vs. Third-Party IT Maintenance

An easier way to maintain the data center.

You have multiple products in your data center, and when major downtime occurs, there is no guarantee that only one manufacturer’s machine is the culprit. Rather than dealing with multiple OEMs and referencing numerous contracts with different SLAs, turn to CentricsIT, a third-party maintenance provider. When you sign one simple contract with CentricsIT, we take care of everything. We’re qualified to support all the major manufacturers, including: IBMCiscoDellEMCHPSun Oracle, and others. Imagine—one phone number, one call, one point of contact for every data center issue.

Cost savings.

A recent statistic put out by IBM indicated that, on average, 70% of a company’s IT budget is spent on maintenance. In today’s economic climate, is it worth it to pay a premium for OEM maintenance support? Is it worth paying more each year for equipment that just keeps getting older? Is it worth paying top dollar for cookie-cutter SLAs and stagnant customer service? We don’t think so. CentricsIT third-party maintenance services will save you 40-70% on your IT costs. We guarantee that you will pay the same price for the same level of service through the life of your equipment—even as it ages; and from customized support solutions to a personal account manager, you’ll gain value in every area of your maintenance plan.

Increased flexibility.

Most OEMs feature contract terms that benefit them—not you. Our solutions are designed to make your life easier with flexible terms and conditions. In addition to our standard SLAs, which already beat out the OEMs’, CentricsIT will create a service level specific to your needs. Need different SLAs for mission-critical equipment? No problem. Need an available on weekends? Easy. Need an working in your data center 24/7? Done. With CentricsIT support services, it really is that easy.

Customer service excellence.

We know that time is precious when something goes wrong in the data center. But with the OEM, you could wait almost four hours just for a technician to get back to you about your ticket. With CentricsIT, we’ll diagnose the problem and have a part on site within four hours.